Brazil blessings

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Greetings from Brazil! We pray that each and every one reading this is well and standing firm in the Lord as we venture into 2023! We are currently working on a newsletter but, in the meantime, here are a few highlights from 2022: Help for the Hungry—Prayer for the Hurting—Hope for LostHello everyone! 2022 was […]

January Cru newsletter – Larry and Betty Barr

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Caroline*,  a retired high school Spanish teacher, speaks both English and Spanish fluently.  On three occasions she has assisted with special weekends of spiritual emphasis and teaching inside the county jail.  She and her husband have contributed money to help purchase Spanish language Bibles for men and women in the jail. Caroline participated in a […]

Miami YFC: Our Soul Purpose, Chris’ Story

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I was born Christopher Miller-Gonzalez in Hartford, Connecticut and moved to Miami when I was 6 years old. I grew up with Cuban immigrant parents and my younger sister, until my parents separated when I was about 10 years old. Growing up, my mom would often attend the Jehovah Witness church. I never felt any […]

November Newsletter- Brazil

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Nov 2020 Newsletter We have so many things to be thankful for and we’d love to share some of them with you! Take a look at what’s been happening here in Brazil…. Blessings, Pete & Jodi

November Cru newsletter – Larry and Betty Barr

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In our October newsletter we asked you to pray about our plan to give Good News Comic and Four Fantastic Facts (children’s evangelistic booklets) along with a tasty treat to “trick or treaters” on Oct. 31st.  We ordered 50 booklets, not expecting to need even that many. As it turned out, however, God provided a […]

Miami YFC: Our Soul Purpose

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Johnny Cash. Blue jeans. Rallies. Stevie Wonder. Bell-bottoms. The Haunted House. Madonna. Grunge. DCLA. These words define different eras of youth culture and Miami YFC’s 72-year history.  New words will dominate our current students’ memories, but there’s one thing that won’t change: our sole purpose of leading kids to Jesus through authentic, Christ-sharing relationships (or, […]

Miami YFC: “If It Wasn’t For You Guys”


Despite the COVID-19 shutdown, problems in inner-city Miami persist and overwhelm our youth.  Missed meals are adding up, food pantry lines are long, and bills are overdue. The Department of Juvenile Justice brought all programing and volunteer efforts to a halt as part of slowing the spread, which has made it difficult for us to […]

October Cru newsletter – Larry and Betty Barr

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Have you ever struggled with the question of whether or not gospel tracts for children are appropriate and effective?   Please consider the following unsolicited testimonial from a man who contacted our Cru Resources office to ask a question and to share his story.      How long has this Good News comic book tract been in […]

Miami YFC: Reckless Love

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In May 2018, Falone woke to screaming and gunshots.  She followed the commotion outside, where she saw a body on the ground. It took her a second to realize it was her brother, Marcus.  Her mother was frozen in the doorway, crying, hugging Falone’s niece and nephew.  “So much of the day is a blur,” […]

Nicaragua: A Devotional Thought…

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Good morning church family.  I hope this short devotional encourages you today!  Last week, I was moved to tears as I read the story of the blind man in John chapter 9.  I was surprised because it wasn’t the healing, or the man testifying before the Pharisees that struck me.  It was what Jesus did […]

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