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Ecuador Men’s Team 2019: Day 3

Today being the 3rd day some of us are feeling the effects of altitude and a few differences including missing our families but the work as proof of love of our living Christ pours from us on unknown friends and family is very important it’s way more than just words !!

At arrival on site construction we had a need to buy a few parts for our cutting and grinding machine and without knowing the city since we have been driven with care and safety from Pancho Pity arrangements
we were able to negotiate with a taxi to take me and Colin to downtown where a more international parts dealer could be found. We came at store and heard gospel music playing and when we were served I explained a bit about our mission and the new school he not only had the parts which he didn’t charge a few other spares but also assembly for the machine and made sure it was working. He also knew about the Foundation and the school. The taxi driver didn’t know where the school will be in but he was very interested maybe for someone in his family.

Small continuous miracles that could have passed so not noted or could have delayed our project in a day or 2. We have been blessed every second we are here. Thank you Lord. Thank you Christ Journey Church!!!

Written by Sergio Leao

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