Our story

Begun in 1926 directly across the street from the University of Miami, our church was born as a dream that would unite this city and the world under the grace of a loving God. A resilient group of people faithfully pursued this life with eternal meaning and impact. After a devastating hurricane in 1926, we rebuilt. Our people have been growing stronger ever since.

“The future beckons us to build a great church…making North and South America one…Our future is as bright as the promise of God.” – William Russell Owen, University Baptist Church Pastor

It's about people

Our hearts beat for the nations because we are the nations.  We serve across the globe – caring for people with HIV AIDS, educating the illiterate, clothing and feeding the under-resourced, building churches schools and medical facilities, funding orphanages, delivering children out of prostitution, providing disaster relief, bringing the Gospel to unreached and hostile areas of the world.

We are a diverse community of imperfect people seeking out the perfect God. The God who is within reach. We are followers of His Son, Jesus Christ, and want our lives to have an eternal influence on our families, in Miami, and the world. We welcome people from all walks of life, regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey and hope to develop real relationships that last. We want to be marked by God’s love and distinctive work in each of our lives.

Our values

Mission – We live God’s purpose.

Gospel – We share Christ’s story.

Generosity – We give our time, talent and treasures.

Community – We do life together as a family.



Our Beleifs