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Sunday Nights • 5:00-7:00pm 

We help students find and follow Christ

We believe this next generation is not the future Church, but the Church NOW! We exist to create safe, yet challenging spaces where our young people can wrestle with their faith, ask hard questions, and be taught how to keep seeking Jesus in the midst of other messages this world can bring. We want to equip young people to live as chosen and forgiven people, to constantly be in a posture of learning, to act as peace-leaders and tone-setters as they walk out what it means to be the Church NOW! We do this through the spiritual practice of FUN, the celebration of healthy COMMUNITY, and the discipline of LEARNING and LIVING OUT what the Bible teaches. 

Middle School

Middle School

A place created just for 6th-8th graders! We've got games, snacks, and fun, as well as awesome live worship, discussion groups, and teaching that will open your eyes to what God says about you (which is pretty awesome by the way) . You can make a difference NOW in your world, and we want to help you feel ready and excited to do that!

High School

High School

We know it's important for you to know that you're accepted as you are. Our high school community is definitely the place to check out. At CJ Students, high school students get together for fun, awesome live worship, and get inspired to live the life God created us to live!



It is our desire to partner with parents as you celebrate milestones, face challenges and see your child reach their God given potential in Christ.

Teaching Series

We do not believe that teens are in some perpetual waiting room until they’re 18 before God can use them. God is wanting to work in them and through them NOW as the Church NOW! CJ Students are going to be gathering for a brand new season to talk about who We Are in Christ and what it means to be the Church!

Join us Sunday nights from 5:00-7:00pm!

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CJ Students Pastors

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Brooke Perry

Lead Student Pastor
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Luis Santamarina

Associate Student Pastor
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