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God has a special love and plan for families.

 Around here we strive to make the greatest impact on the next generation and we do this by intentionally establishing a partnership with parents. 

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Nursery - Preschool

Family Ministry is focused on partnering with families and helping parents lead their children and teens.

From birth through high school, we create age-appropriate environments for children and students featuring great music, engaging storytelling, relevant biblical teaching in a safe and fun setting.

In addition, we provide environments for parents to grow and learn from fellow parents and leaders.

We are committed to providing the building blocks for a spiritually strong family. We call this Thinking Orange.

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Here's how it works

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The Church + Home = Greater Impact
Light (yellow) + Love (red) = Orange

The name has to do with something you learned in kindergarten: Orange is what you get when you combine red with yellow. When you paint with red, you get only what red can do. When you paint with yellow, you get what only yellow can do. When you paint with orange, you get new possibilities and vibrant outcomes. We want parents to know when they connect to a wider community, they have a greater impact in the life of a child than they could ever have alone. 

Christ Journey’s Family Ministry is here to serve your family through the journey of faith.

If you’d like to speak to someone from Family Ministry, please contact us at [email protected].