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Colombia Students 2019: Day 5

Today was the most powerful day of the mission trip for the majority of the students. We started off with a morning of worship in the bus on the way to the school. All of the students sang in harmony while catching a glimpse of the beautiful mountains. When we arrived at the school many of us got wonderful welcome backs from some of the students and watched an exciting soccer match against some of the Colombian students while singing songs at the top of our lungs. I then carried on with teaching English classes to the students along with my group. We taught them how to introduce themselves, the difference in vowels, and the use of directions to guide partners through an obstacle course. We had the ability of meeting countless students and hearing their stories. We even experienced such a wonderful thing: a group of young boys decided to follow Christ because of Zayn’s powerful testimony he shared with all of them. We went on to have a delicious lunch at a nearby church and returned to the hotel. We ¬†worshipped and prayed on the rooftop, which emotionally impacted many students, including myself. We ended the night with a great meal filled with conversation and headed over to the park where we worshipped, played box-ball with the community, and both reunited with people and continued to spread the word of God.
Written by: Nati
Today has been the most eventful day of the mission so far. Since the moment I woke up I was active and moving. After waking up and having some Colombian eggs with tomato for breakfast we headed over to the school. I had brought my speaker onto the bus and we started playing music from Freddy’s phone. After a while I began to focus on the view outside and I thought to myself, “everything here is God’s work, and everything is beautiful” and that was a really powerful moment for me. When we arrived to the school I felt super excited because we made a team from the mission trip members and we played a game of soccer with a team from the school. We got wooped! But at the same time we all had fun. After the game we began to to teach classes and since I’m on the English team (and spoke the best Spanish) I helped explain everything to the kids. After my first class we had a break and I stopped in on Zayn’s group and when I walked in everyone was locked in on Zayn’s words. His testimony moved so many people and brought people to tears. It was amazing to see what the power of words can do to people. That was the highlight at the school and I could really see how God was using us as lighting rods for His grace. After the school we had lunch at one of the Iglesia Bautista del Sur churches and that time at the church showed me the love God has for us and everything He provides. We got back to the hotel and we had a little bit of free time but then at 5:30 we had an impromptu worship session. That was such a hard-hitting experience for everyone. On the roof, surrounded by mountains, we were reflecting on our lives – that was real! We had dinner at 6:00 and afterwards started playing boxball. Eventually more locals started joining and even Edward from yesterday came and joined us. After we had a nice sized crowd I sat down with Daniella and started playing worship songs in hope that some of the locals would want to hear. This was very fun because it was a public confession of my faith and I was not afraid to show it. I truly believe God has been with us and guiding us this entire trip and I want to keep doing His will.
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