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Miami YFC: Our Soul Purpose

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Johnny Cash. Blue jeans. Rallies.

Stevie Wonder. Bell-bottoms. The Haunted House.

Madonna. Grunge. DCLA.

These words define different eras of youth culture and Miami YFC’s 72-year history.  New words will dominate our current students’ memories, but there’s one thing that won’t change: our sole purpose of leading kids to Jesus through authentic, Christ-sharing relationships (or, as we call them, ACRs).

An ACR can be hard to define but easy to see in action.  Let’s take the example of Owen.* Owen started coming to Campus Life as a freshman and liked it so much that he attended club and Bible study.  Even though he was a staunch atheist, Owen’s leaders kept faithfully sharing the Gospel with him.  In four years, we estimate Owen had over 550 conversations with YFC leaders about his struggles, pain, and Jesus. Little by little, his heart softened, and the summer after he graduated, at YFC Camp, Owen finally surrendered his life to Christ.

I’m sure you have your own ACR story: the tale of someone (or “ones”) who continuously and purposefully stepped into your life so you could see what Jesus looked like, sounded like, and loved like. And that’s part of why you are a YFC supporter – because you know the power of our Soul Purpose in your own life.

Join us in celebrating the work God has done and continues to do in Miami as we live out our Soul Purpose!  You can learn more here.

I’m also enjoying alumni stories that are being shared with us each week! You can catch more of them by following us on Instagram @miamiyfc and you can share your own alumni story with us, too!

Please enjoy hearing how Jesus used Youth for Christ in the life of a familiar face from Christ Journey:

Christ Journey welcomes:

Jim Burns

Guest Speaker Jim Burns, Best-Selling Marriage & Family Author, joins our Family Made series this weekend! Attend in-person or online.

This Sunday
June 11th - 9:30am & 11am