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Coronavirus in Brazil

Dear prayer partners,

During this time of craziness due to the Coronavirus we ask that you please keep in prayer all the downtrodden, poor, sickly, uneducated masses who don’t stand a chance against such a cruel virus nor have the means to “self-isolate” or even buy the basic supplies to keep them safe…..

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Alexandre Pires 22 hrsLavar as mãozinhas como? Usar álcool gel como? Uma alimentação saudável como? Hábitos saudáveis de higiene como? Triste realidade. Que Deus tenha misericórdia quando o vírus sair do Albert Einstein e chegar nas favelas e moradores de rua…

Seeing the turmoil and panic in the U.S. population and then watching as it slowly made it’s way down here leaves me feeling edgy. Edgy because Brazil is very unprepared and lacking in so many areas of healthcare. They are ill equipped to handle this and we work with so, so many high-risk people.

Please pray with us for this virus to dissipate quickly, for protection for our, and protection for those that live in the slums.

In His mighty name,Pete and Jodi


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