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Colombia Students 2019: Day 4

Today was a very important time in my life. We started off in the school to teach them about the gospel in different ways for the first time. In my life I never experienced this with children. I was able to interact with all children and enjoy time with them. I genuinely felt incredible knowing the children got a life lesson from the group and from me. In the school, I got to know more about them and where they are coming from.

This mission trip has opened my eyes to know that what I am doing in Colombia is helping children understand the concept of the gospel. I loved the way the children were towards my group and me. I have found a deep connection with each individual in teaching them and getting a good experience. After, we finished and went to a church where we were going to have an amazing lunch with marvelous people. The highlights of my day was teaching the children about the gospel and at night where we created the four squares to play in the park plaza. We let people who we do not know play with us. So with that we gained a person from the community and talked to them about Christianity.  That conversation lead to that person trusting in God and knowing all about the gospel and what is it like. Overall, the day was amazing because we spent it with different people in Colombia.

Written by: Juari

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