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Guatemala Middle School: Days 1 & 2

The first day of the middle school Guatemala mission trip was great! We arrived at the airport safely, drove an hour and a half out to the One More Child center, and settled in for the night. Once we woke up the next morning, we drove out to a coffee plantation in Antigua and had a delicious breakfast prepared for us. After breakfast, we had the option to go on the mule ride, a tour of the grounds, or a zip line in the mountains. The zip line started out small and the final ride was 220 meters long and we were able to see a beautiful view of the city and the landscape. Finally, we went to the market and picked out souvenirs and gifts. We headed back to the center to turn in for the night and got ready for the exciting day ahead.
Written by Caden

Today 5 of us went to a coffee plantation and factory in Antigua, Guatemala. First, we saw small coffee plants and then drove to the bigger plantation where we picked some coffee beans from the plant. We tried the peel and the flavor of the bean before it went into any process. After that, we went where they prepared the coffee beans before they shipped them to big companies. At last, we FINALLY had some coffee that was harvested and roasted there. Overall I learned more about the coffee making process and had a wonderful time!
Written by Nicole

Today I went on a guided tour through a coffee plantation in Antigua, Guatemala. I rode atop a beautiful white horse named Napoleon as a wonderful guide trotted along side me explaining everything we saw on the plantation. He taught me about the coffee bean seasons and when they are ready to harvest it takes 100 men to harvest the entire plantation. The weather and the scenery was beautiful and the guide was very kind and informative. It was an unforgettable ride!
Written by Kristen

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