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Guatemala Seniors 2019: Day 4

Hola a todos! Amanda and Bailey here, coming to you live from San Antonio Huista, Guatemala! The day started with a delicious breakfast and then by the good grace of God we managed to stay on schedule. By 8:30, we were in our cars and trekking up the mountain to the community of El Pajal. Although the drive is pretty intense, it is so worth it when we arrive to our beautiful destination. As we pulled into El Pajal, we had the amazing feeling that God was bringing love and deliverance to this community. I (Amanda) personally heard God say “here comes Heaven” as we looked out the windows and saw the beautiful faces of our new friends. It is an unfathomable honor to represent Heaven in such a way.

Our day with the children of El Pajal began with worship, dancing, and a Bible story. Our fearless and wonderful Kaylee (really cool girl) took charge and flawlessly led the children in song and taught all about the fruits of the spirit. Once these activities finished, we had over 130 1st-3rd graders ready to continue playing and experiencing God’s gift of joy! We played with bubbles, parachutes, jump ropes, and futbols (claro que si). The kids also got to make crafts such as bracelets and drawings, some of which they so selflessly gifted to us. Once we said goodbye to the kids for the day, we ate a quick gourmet meal of pb&j (claro que si) and got ready for what would come next: our prayer walk.

The prayer walk was a time of great sadness but also of great hope. The women of El Pajal whose homes we visited were a true lesson of strength and resilience. We prayed mostly for both physical and emotional healing for these women, who clearly displayed a desire to enter into God’s presence. This prayer walk, the first of two, really broke our hearts. Yet, Jesus is so good. He showed us that He never forgets those who call on Him, and that the Lord truly is near to the brokenhearted.

As the day comes to a close, we are so grateful for the recovery of Thomas’ tummy (poor guy wasn’t feeling great today but is feeling better as we write) and the closeness this team has continued to experience. We love Jesus, Guatemala, and we love all of our faithful fans reading this at home (claro que si).

Stay classy, Miami.

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