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Nicaragua Students 2018 -Day 6

Day 6 – A Lake, A Volcano, and Some Souvenirs

Well folks, there is no denying that the end is near ☹

Day 6 was our last full day here in Nicaragua and we were determined to make the most of it. We started with the usual, morning devotional time followed by a hearty breakfast. Even the toast here is special. How do you make toast taste special? I don’t know, Maria and her magic kitchen.

We hopped into the van and headed out to La Laguna De Apoyo, or as the kids like to call it, the Lake of Chicken (it’s actually the Lake of Support, but you can see how Lake of Chicken would be much funnier). We are running out of words to describe the things we are seeing in Nicaragua. This lake was majestic, tranquil, awe-inspiring, and a crazy shade of dark, dark blue. The water was just the right temperature. How do we know? We jumped in, dove in, belly flopped in, cannonballed in, and flipped in. Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun. After an hour or 2 of splashing around, we were treated to a delicious buffet lunch. Steak, chicken, fish, pork, all types of salad, I think there were even some veggies (but who wants to fill up on veggies). Great food, great friends, beautiful scenery…yup, GOD IS GOOD!!

After we had had our fill of Chicken Lake, it was back to the van for a trip to the souvenir market in nearby Caterina. This little strip was bustling with tourists and locals alike. Think mini flea market. Local vendors peddling their goods in tiny makeshift storefronts. Food vendors selling everything from ice cream to soda pop to plantain chips. We had 45 minutes to power shop, and power shop we did. I witnessed some world class haggling today. Miami people know how to drive a hard bargain 😊

With bargains in hand, we retreated to the safety of the van for our final stop of the day, Parque Nacional Volcan Masaya. You know, an active volcano. We snuck in just before the curfew and had an opportunity to see an active volcano up close. Lots of smoke, and smoldering, but we couldn’t see much in the way of actual lava.

We headed back home for dinner and a surprise birthday cake for Caden who turns 13 tomorrow. Dinner was the usual Maria-quality fare. Tonight, we had spaghetti casserole, mac and cheese, salad, and dinner rolls. Is there nothing these ladies cannot cook well? Did I mention Caden’s birthday cake for dessert?

We ended our day with our usual devotional time up on the 3rd floor. We went around sharing our highlights and key takeaways from the trip. It was clear from that conversation that everyone in the group has been touched deeply by their Nicaragua experience.

We can’t say enough good things about our time here. The Farrington’s and Buzbee’s have been such amazing and inspiring hosts. Their work in Managua is changing lives and bringing hope and prosperity to thousands of families. We were so honored to be a part of the great work they are doing here. As Chris Farrington likes to say, “Glory to God.”

We’ll miss this place and these beautiful people.

Humbled by Our Service,

Team Nicaragua

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