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Nicaragua Students 2018 – Day 5

Day 5 – Ruby’s House of Prayer

Sorry for the late entry but we’re non stop here in Nicaragua and we’re 2 hours behind. We continue to believe that each day and each experience can’t be topped; however, the Lord continues to impress and prove us wrong.

Each morning starts with personal devotional time somewhere on this piece of Eden that we are staying at. The very concept of starting the morning with Jesus, as we’re called to do, without interruption, is a gift from God. This is hard to explain with words because I can’t paint for you the wind and the sunrise and the sounds and the one on one time with our Lord. What I can do is encourage you all to experience this at sometime.

Breakfast, load up, and off we go. Today we delivered large packs of food to families with special needs children. We had the pleasure of shopping for the food at a local store and creating an assembly line to pack the bags. From Club Esperanza, we divided into two groups and walked the neighborhood delivering the bags. We have continued to be humbled and today was no different. Each family welcomed us into their houses and spent time greeting us. They were grateful for the food but seemed more intent on showing hospitality and thanking us for being there. Their houses were beyond our imagination even though we have been in the neighborhood all week. Our devotionals have 5 main virtues: compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. The words leapt off the pages as these families demonstrated each virtue to us. Our students are learning that we get more than we ever give.

Now on to Ruby’s House of Prayer. A small house, on the edge of the dump, without air conditioning, has a stool waiting for anyone longing for deep, individual prayer and a life changing experience. Miss Ruby has passed away but her spirit resides in her home where her tireless praying and total reliance on the Lord created this unique place for direct contact with the word of God. Three plus hours of praying over each other, often times with direct messages from God through Mr. Buzbee, Chris, or Benson, is an experience that can only be gained here. It is exciting and exhausting. It is revealing and re-energizing. It is overwhelming and once-in-a-lifetime. Please plan a conversation with one/all of us to hear the depth of emotions that we experienced and the new perspectives on life that we will be bringing back to the States.

Emotional and spent, we were treated to a Pizza Hut lunch with air conditioning. Pizza was good, Pepsi was cold, but we sat in air conditioning. Even the bathroom had air conditioning.

The afternoon included a return to the compound and lots of rest and relaxation. This included siestas in hammocks, swimming, Mojo’s world famous coffee, a crazy guy from Long Island jogging, and/or just enjoying this piece of heaven tucked away in the mountains of Nicaragua. It truly is heaven on earth.

Another amazing meal from Maria and Margarita, this time BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes with cheese, and salad, completed our day of eating. But Chris Farrington had a surprise in store for us. We loaded in to the back of a work truck and drove through downtown Managua to enjoy the lights and sounds of the city. This was another out of your comfort zone experience. We are definitely spoiled that Chris grew up at Christ Journey and we now get the absolute best experience possible when visiting our second home, Nicaragua.

A bit of sadness is starting to creep in as we realize that tomorrow is Thursday. The days seem longer down here and we will try to maximize our time, every second, while we are still here. We feel so close to God in everything that we do. Please pray for our last full day down here and for the emotions of returning from this unbelievable experience. We are anxious to see our family members back home but will be leaving a piece of our hearts here in Nicaragua.

Christo es mi super eroe,
Team Nica

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