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Haiti Day 5- Endless Praise

Hey! It’s Hailey Nicole, Katia Marie, and Jessica Faith (N.M.F.) in the lobby of the hotel recapping the best day ever…The morning started off with us waking up at 7:42am just in time for the 7:45am breakfast. We hopped into the van and headed to “Caye George”, a.k.a. George’s house (George is the main supplier of clean water in Jeanton). After a very bumpy ride, we made it the beautiful self-built house. This is where he stores and prepares the gallons of water that will be distributed to the community. Long story short, we spent five hours worshipping in English and creole, learning to cook a traditional Haitian meal, and tried a lot of different food with unique consistencies…Not to mention Hailey was being Hailey, bumping her head while trying to climb onto the roof of the home. After leaving George’s home, we were excited to return to the church where we were greeted by a swarm of cheerful children who had been eagerly waiting for us since 8:30 in the morning. This is when our team split up, where a few stayed at the church to play with the kids, while the others embarked on our second prayer walk for the week. Jessica and Katia were a part of the prayer walk group. As soon as we began to walk down the street towards our first home, we could feel that this time would be different. As we prayed in the four different homes, it was evident that the Spirit had taken over and was speaking through us. We now better understand the impact that prayer can have on this community. This powerful experience of prayer was unlike any other, both powerful and spiritually draining, but overall eye opening. Ending the day with a joy filled hour with the kids at the church mainly consisting of singing “amen, amen, amen, amen, amen, ALELUJAH” on a constant loop, we headed back to the hotel feeling tired but grateful for every second we get to spend with them. Today was a beautiful, long, emotional, rollercoaster of a day but we wouldn’t change a single thing. God is doing some incredible things in us and through us in Jeanton, and we ask that you’d keep us in your prayers this week. Thank you for the continuous support and love that you’ve given our team!
Jé taime,


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