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Ecuador Student Mission Trip – Day 2

Click here to watch the morning with the kids.

We back, part 2. It’s just us boys this time. Reed, Niko, Trevor, Colin, and Ryan. Today we woke up to a surprising beautiful view; excited to meet our students for the first time. We loaded up the bus and headed out to Amor y Esperanza (the school). We were greeted by all the children and a big sign dedicated to us. We sang songs and played games. After this thrill of excitement we finally got the opportunity we had been looking for: to teach math in Spanish. Though the language barrier provided a large challenge to many of us, we were able to truly form connections with the students, and are extremely excited to continue to impact their lives in this way. In other words, it was a success! Afterwards, we ate lunch and went straight for the construction sight, where we helped to progress constructions for the future school for over 700 new students. We moved cinderblocks for 3 hours, in an assembly line, singing songs like Bohemian Rhapsody and the Hi Ho song from Snow White. About halfway through God opened up the clouds and then it started to pour. But that didn’t stop us! We continued and were able to even start building a part of the wall that we will finish tomorrow. Exhausted, we returned to the compound where we all took mixed temperature showers and relaxed after a long day and ate. Later on we experienced God’s presence in a way that most of the team had been longing for for a very long time. We then went to bed, excited to do this all over again the next day.

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