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Bahamas Student Mission Trip – Day 2

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Today was even better than yesterday. Some of the guys woke up at 6:00am so they could work on the church. Today we just primed the church and dug up all the weeds with butter knives.

Once we finished working we started to prepare for Vacation Bible School. We set out snacks for all the kids that showed up (30 kids). Once everyone got there we started to play with bubbles to show how big GOD is.

After that we read a story on the Red Sea and how Moses just lifted his arms out and the water just spread out like a wall. Once we finished all of the holy things we started to do arts and crafts and play sports.

For arts and crafts we created whales and our memory verse because our theme is about Finding Jesus (like “Finding Nemo”). And if you wanted to play outside we had a big football game and everyone dominated.
P.S.  We found our younger selves…

~ Jorge Cascudo


Today was the day the day we really started working.  Four of the guys woke up real early so they could go start to work on Pastor Pinder’s church. The rest of us arrived about 2 hours later and began priming the building. We also scraped the weeds out of the cracks with steak knives and screwdrivers. After priming the entire church, we went across the street to the East End Youth Center where we hosted the Vacation Bible School (VBS). At least 30 kids turned up and stayed from 4:006:15pm. In that time we taught them about how huge God’s love for us is using the blue whales as the example.

~ Sarah McWhirter

“Neither height nor depth nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” -Romans 8:39

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