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Cru at Purdue University

The intrigue was written all over Kathy’s* face (her name changed for anonymity). “I just don’t understand how God can forgive us for all we’ve done wrong if we just ask him,” she explained after Hannah and I walked her through the assurance someone has once they place their trust in Jesus. Kathy is a freshman who grew up sporadically attending a church, but had never owned or read the Bible. She explained how she’s often wracked with anxiety and guilt, which caused high school to be extremely hard. Sophomore year of school she confided in a teacher who invited Kathy to attend her church and look to God for relief. Kathy made a decision for Jesus that first visit to her teacher’s church and has been wrestling with her faith ever since. We connected with Kathy through a dinner line survey during the second week of school. She is eager and ready to progress in her walk with the Lord. She is attending one of our weekly Bible studies in a dorm on campus and considering attending our Fall Retreat! Please pray that Kathy would continue to grow in her faith as she seeks for answers!  

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Here are Kathy’s answers to the spiritual survey she filled out.
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This is the group of women whom I will mentor this semester as they grow in their walk with the Lord! From left to right: Halley, Emily, Hannah, Katlyn, Alyssa, Marisa (added to the picture).

Your very generous financial support and prayers allow me to be a resource for students like Kathy, as well as the girls I’m mentoring, on the campus of Purdue! Lives are changing because of you! Thank you!

Until The Whole World Hears,

Megan Rodriguez

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