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Cru at Purdue University- Springs of Living Water to Guatemala

Karly, a student at Indiana University, described sharing her faith for the first time as, “the greatest feeling! I was praying that he [God] would give me the courage to share because I felt like it was something placed on my heart that week and I didn’t want my fear to stand in the way of how God wanted to use me.” The month of March for most college students means a week of leisure during their spring break. Cru gives students the option to spend it at various outreach opportunities, both stateside and internationally. This year, students and Cru staff from Purdue, Indiana, and Alabama University took a week long trip down to Guatemala to hand out water filters with Filter of Hope, an organization that desires to see life transformation for those living in physical and spiritual poverty by showing God’s love and providing access to clean water. Each filter is handed to a family and used as a transition into a spiritual conversation about the source of “Living Water” (John 14:4). Over the course of the week, the message of the gospel was shared approximately a hundred times! Karly was able to witness first hand the joy and freedom experienced when someone decides to place their faith in Jesus! Praise God!

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Karly (in the middle) with the family she shared her faith with for the very first time.
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The team with two Guatemalan guides that came to know Christ while on their hike!


Praise and Prayer:

  • Please pray that the boldness and excitement Karly experienced in sharing her faith in Guatemala would continue on the campuses of Purdue, Indiana, and Alabama University.
  • Please pray that those Guatemalans who heard the message of the gospel would turn their hearts towards the Lord and encounter life changing transformation.
  • Praise God!!! I’m 20% away from reporting to campus! Please pray that the Lord would continue to provide connections with other believers and partners.

Thank you for your prayers and financial contributions in taking the message of the gospel to Purdue and the ends of the earth!

Romans 10:13-15

-Megan Rodriguez-

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