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Brazil blessings!

Greetings from Brazil! The Lord is working in so many areas of our ministry with our volunteers, our church, our family, and within the hearts of those to whom we minister daily. We are constantly amazed at how he provides a way in the midst of uncertainty, solutions in the midst of problems and calmness in times of anxiety. Our God is a great, great God!!

We are finishing up our latest newsletter and, as usual, it’s quite large so we hope to have that out by next week. Until then I will leave you with a post one of our full-time missionary volunteers shared on FB:


(translated)…“Good evening guys, today I would like to share a little of my day. I know I am not much for posting things here but, despite the blessing of having an interesting breakfast [in the favela for the residents] and giving out food baskets, unfortunately I have had the misfortune to see women breastfeeding their children while they are sniffing cocaine or smoking marijuana. I’m not here to tell people what to choose but what choice does that child have?

It is sad to know that people, however much they have suffered as children, have no understanding and compassion for their own children to the point of wanting to protect them from all this madness. It is sad to know that this mother does not care at all about the life that she herself has generated in her womb. What is the example of a mother that this child will have? [Worse yet], knowing that for many of them their fathers are imprisoned.

I ask you to pray interceding prayers for these people of the favelas. But, it’s not only in the favelas… I recently witnessed in our region someone smoking marijuana with his wife and holding a baby less than two months old in his lap. Pray that our church may grow and reach these lives! Please pray for these children”……..Anderson

I ask for your prayers for our team who witnesses scenes like this, and even worse, everyday. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement as it is what keeps us going!

Blessings, Pete and Jodi


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