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Guatemala Medical Mission: Day 4

The Guatemala Medical Team from Christ Journey traveled early to the village and spent a full day seeing patients.  The team saw 130 people both adults and children.  It’s interesting to note that most of the villagers thought the clinic would be just a small effort. When they realized that they were having three physicians, an ARNP and an RN and they would be able to get the medicines at the clinic pharmacy, the word began spreading like wildfire.

The team saw the local 410 Bridge Leadership Council step up in a big way. They worked the triage area with the local nurse’s aides and crowd control for the laboratory and the pharmacy.  The help of the Council made the medical clinic process more orderly which allowed for more productive healthcare to take place.  The Council invited a local pastor to come and get to know the people who were waiting to be seen, with the hopes of sharing the Gospel with them.

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The people of these villages are very humble and gracious. They have been very appreciative of the team coming to Guatemala to help them.  One older couple that Pastor John was praying with just hugged him and told him how thankful to God they were glad the team was there.

At the same time there is great difficulty in the countryside.  So many have left to get work in the United States that there are not enough people here to harvest the coffee. These are agricultural communities that depend on coffee as an integral part of their economy.  Families are also being hurt because of people leaving to the U.S.  A doctor spoke to one little girl, whose father left with her sister who is one year older than she is.  She has not spoken since they left and rarely eats. The physician was heartbroken over the situation.  He prayed that God the Father would father this poor child.

The medical team really worked together well. Each one supporting the other to get the job done. The team devotions today centered on letting your light shine, so people can glorify God.  That clearly took place. The team not only spoke the Word of God to the people they also showed the love of God through compassionate care given to the people of Vista Hermosa.

One of the partners who we work with in Guatemala is 410 Bridge. This global mission organization is working in three rural villages in Guatemala helping the communities develop.  Vista Hermosa is one of those villages. The goal is that the community be transformed by the tangible love of Christ being demonstrated to the villages by teams coming to help these communities.  Our hope is that the Christ Journey medical team can shine God’s light brightly on this community so that the love of Christ can transform it.

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