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Miami YFC: “It’s Not Just Him – It’s His Daughter”

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Youth who are incarcerated aren’t always fighting for their own lives – some of them are already responsible for children.

Did you know that Miami YFC has a sister chapter in Fort Lauderdale? This month, we wanted to share this special story from our team to the North. Thank you, Christ Journey, for making it possible for us to share hope with youth who desperately need it – for themselves and their families.

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The teens worked all week to be on level 3 good behavior so that they could come to Youth For Christ at the Juvenile Detention Center.  After warming up the room with a few fun questions, the boys started to talk.

16 year old Jay* was eager to speak up and admit he needs to make better choices and make better friends.  He listened intently when Glenn shared about a teen in a similar situation who turned his entire life around when he got serious about God. 

Jay shared with me how he and his friends used to get involved in “a lot of shootouts”.  One night they had stolen a car and were driving around, when his friend got shot.  They couldn’t take him to the hospital because they were afraid of getting in trouble. Now he’s waiting to get sent to his next program, a lockdown
facility.  When I asked if I could pray for him, he told me that his baby girl is going to be born in February.  Her name is Melody.

When he said that, I felt it in my gut. Ouch, it’s not just for him; it’s for his daughter.  Each young person who gives their life to Jesus is just the beginning.  There’s no time to lose!  Jay asked where he should start reading the Bible. He doesn’t want this kind of life for his daughter.     

– Kristen North

*name has been changed

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