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March Cru newsletter – Larry and Betty Barr

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We are writing to invite you to pray for an immediate, time-sensitive, evangelistic outreach in the greater Orlando, FL area, pictured above.  Our Cru Resources office is involved, as you will read below.

Our international Cru headquarters (located near Lake Hart in the lower right side of the map) is partnering with YWAM (Youth with a Mission), Wycliffe, Pioneers, and more than 60 key local churches in an outreach named SATURATE ORLANDO that will be taking place March 3-9. (You can enjoy a very well-done, short video explanation at

Saturate Orlando’s goal is to reach every home (about 750,000 of them) with the Gospel by hand delivering a multi-language JESUS Film DVD, an evangelistic booklet, and local church invitations/info, all in a door hanger bag.  The homes being reached represent over two million people!

Larger churches and post headquarters (including Cru) have volunteered to be Anchor sites (red circles on the map) to distribute materials and maps to participating churches (blue circles on the map).  If you go to the web site and click on the colored circles, you can see the names of the churches/organizations.

Cru international headquarters in Orlando contacted our Cru Resources office in Peachtree City, GA and asked us to coordinate the special print runs for the Gospel booklets for Saturate Orlando.  We arranged the printing and shipment of 734,400 English copies of “Would You Like to Know God Personally?” and 36,000 bilingual, (Spanish/English) “Have You Heard of the Four Spiritual Laws?”

These gospel booklets and the JESUS films will be like seeds sown all over Orlando during this pre-Easter time frame.  According to the illustration Jesus gave in Matthew 13, we know that the Deceiver will try to steal the Gospel away from those who receive the seed.  Some people will be too hardened toward spiritual truth or too busy for the Good News to take root in their lives, or so focused on their possessions that they miss the Pearl of Great Price.  But please join us in praying for MANY men, women, youth, boys and girls to retain God’s Word with good and faithful hearts.  Please pray for much lasting fruit from Saturate Orlando.

Thank you,

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Christ Journey welcomes:

Jim Burns

Guest Speaker Jim Burns, Best-Selling Marriage & Family Author, joins our Family Made series this weekend! Attend in-person or online.

This Sunday
June 11th - 9:30am & 11am