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Haiti Students 2018: Day 6

Hello family and friends,
The only way to describe today would be bittersweet but we’re so full of God’s love. The way He has worked in us in just 6 days truly shows how good and miraculous He is. The emotions that consumed us during the entirety of the day was so overwhelming, at least for me it truly was. We started off the day with meeting the members of the Leadership Council as we did the first day and personally, I felt God’s love revealing itself to me through them. We all shared our gratitude and love towards them and they proceeded to telling us how grateful they were towards us… US. It was insane to me that these members and these children taught me more in 5 days than we could ever teach them and they were grateful for US. After meeting with them, we went on the Jericho walk which took everyone’s breath away. If only you all could see the view from that hill. The translators explained to us that the spot we were standing on was the potential place where they would build the water supply for the town of Jeanton. As we all individually prayed over it, I could honestly say right now that I could feel God working on the ground where our feet were under. Fast forward, we went back to the church and played with our kids for the very last time. The very last time.

As the hours passed, our hearts started growing heavier and heavier as we began to realize that this was it. Our new best friends who surrounded us everyday and fill our hearts with that agape, unconditional, love would be saying goodbye to us so soon. So as that time came around, it was as if the entire team had the same feeling of sadness come to us all at once. We all cried to the point where the kids would be wiping our tears away, starting group-hugs, but at the same time wiping away their own tears. Never in my life have I felt God so up close and personal. He was there. In all of us and in all of them. The ride back to the hotel was different from the entire week. Instead of laughter filling the bus and songs being sung, it was filled with quiet sobs. Those kids impacted us beyond measure and I wish I could explain that to you, but our hearts are so full. Later on in the day, devo time rolled around and it was SO beautiful. We worshiped at the top of our lungs proclaiming the goodness of our Lord saying over and over “there is no power in hell or any who could stand before the power and the presence of the Great I Am” THE LORD WAS IN THE ROOM AND AT THE CENTER OF IT ALL.

The night was even more special because we would not only be writing our letters of affirmation for everyone on the trip but we would be washing each other’s feet. It was so incredibly amazing and I’m so blessed that I was apart of this team because they all radiate such a unique light that makes it so contagious to praise God for forever friendships. We’ve built a home in Jeanton but for now, we’re coming back to our home in Miami and I think we all wish we weren’t but we are ready to share the stories of our week. See you very soon.
With love,

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