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East Asia: Opportunities & Changes

Hello Christ Journey Family,

My last message gave a general description of what our River of Life East Asia outreach mission does, and now I’m happy to give another update on the exciting things that are taking place here. We started a new semester a few weeks ago and it has proven to be one full of opportunities and many upcoming changes. At the University I currently work at (it’s a science and technology school), we have a team of Christian students who continue to mature. We have begun our new outreach plans for the semester, setting up times that we can meet students, talk and do fun activities together. We have a picnic planned for the day before Easter and are hoping that can provide a solid opportunity to invite new students we’ve connected with to go to church on Easter Sunday.

However, there is a shift in our focus for this semester. Maggie and I are planning activities that are focused on having more collaboration with our student leaders. While we have always encouraged our student leaders to come to outreach activities (which may be big events such as the picnic, or as simple as playing Uno in a coffee shop), we are now asking them to create their own activities and invite us. Our hope is to encourage them to grow in sharing the gospel even as they have grown in serving and leading Bible studies. Last week I joined one of our student leaders for basketball with some of his classmates. We had a good time and got to make a connection with a new guy who we are inviting to the Easter picnic. I really hope that this encourages our students and shows them just how much of an impact they can have on their classmates.

We have also been blessed to have our sister Constance over here for the past two months. She also grew up at Christ Journey and has taken a semester off of college to serve with us. We are encouraged by her heart and passion and by the energy she has. She has been connecting with students through dance and providing a chance for English practice in a coffee shop near the school. Please keep praying for her to grow and pray for the work God is doing through her life.

Maggie and I are looking at two more exciting opportunities before us. The first is that we are considering holding a weekly English corner at a technical college in which we have a group of students we are working with. The technical college has a smaller group and we feel a burden to connect with more students there and share the gospel with them. We are still in the process of working out the details, but we are hoping to start this week or next week. Please pray for this new work we are planning and please pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us and go before us to convict the hearts of the students at the technical college.

The second ministry decision we are considering is to start our own small group with our church that we would host in our apartment. We have talked with another couple from our church who could potentially co-lead with us and we are deeply praying and considering this opportunity. This small group would consist of adults from our church rather than the students, but we also hope that it will include people with a passion for serving with our students. This would make it a small group that could edify us as we edify the other members and could also strengthen the bonds between the church and campus ministries we are working with. We are still trying to figure out details and discern the will of the Holy Spirit in this, so please join us in praying for this possible group.

It is indeed an exciting time for us, but also one that is marked with some sadness. Two of our leaders are planning to move back to America this summer. They are very close to us and have been spiritual mentors to us over the past few years, in fact, they were very instrumental in helping Maggie become a Christian when she was a college student. They plan to move back to America to serve our ministry state side by doing more recruiting and fundraising. They also intend to work with college students in America where there is also a great need for people willing to love college students and share the gospel with them. I also ask that you pray for them (I have omitted their names for security reasons) as they prepare to make this transition and pray for our team here as we prepare to adjust to doing ministry without them by our side.

It does indeed seem to be a crucial time for our ministry with all the opportunities that have suddenly been presented to us and the changes which are taking place. There are bound to be some hardships and growing pains in ministry, but I believe that His hand is guiding us through these times and that He is doing something amazing among us. Above all, this is a time that is crucial for us to draw near to God and put our trust in Him. Still, there is so much to be thankful for in God, especially in this Easter season. We must remember what Jesus has done for us and the great victory He has won.

I have presented many prayer requests, so I thank you for joining me in praying. I would also add that we are looking for more people who can come serve alongside us and pray that if God is stirring your heart, or if you know someone that is interested in serving in East Asia, please let us know. You can contact us through the Missions Office at Christ Journey Church.

May the Lord bless you and keep you,

Lukas & Maggie

Christ-Journey-Church-botanical garden Christ-Journey-Church-Constance with the students

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