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Ecuador Student Mission Trip – Day 4

Happy day to all of our family and friends! It’s Marlee, Tori, and Ryan speaking, and we would like to apologize for how late this post is going to be. Tonight’s devotional with Pancho and Pity was overwhelmingly beautiful and we’re still recovering from the intense amount of tears shed because of the breakthrough experienced through God’s relentless love. But anyways, to recap on today’s adventure, we woke up to our third day of spending time with the children at Amor y Esperanza. Every time we walk onto the black top, a sea of such pure, little hearts greet us with so much love and appreciation. These amazing hearts come from the younger kids, and the interactions between them and us are indescribable. We went on to hang out with the older kids as well, and today’s game kept them energized for our math lessons that followed. We all have been amazed at how intelligent the children are in every math class at every grade level. Their joyful and radiant hearts contribute to their eager willingness to learn; they never fail to amaze and inspire us. After our time at the school, we drove down to the construction site again, where we continued building walls for the new school that was mentioned in a previous blog. Our experiences at the construction site always end with muggy gloves, dirty boots, and freezing cold hands, but that never stops us from giving it our all. In regards to tonight’s devotional, Pancho and Pity lead an emotional night. The Holy Spirit exudes out of the hearts and mouths of our missionary partners and we are extremely blessed to learn from them. As they specifically prayed over many members of our team, the presence of God filled the room. To end the night, Pancho instructed us to go around and hug six members of the team, reminding them how loved they are. Needless to say, we went around hugging the entire team as love consumed our hearts. Love is the single word that we would use to describe our 4th day in Ecuador. God is love and we have been diving deeper into what that really means for our lives. We are royalty in God’s kingdom, and we are sealed when we let Jesus into our hearts. Tonight many walls were knocked down, many lives were changed, and many people were able to forgive and be forgiven. Ecuador is unlike any other place, so God really knew what He was doing when He planned to send us here. We love those who are reading this, but the truth is that we don’t want to come back to Miami. The stories we have for you all waiting back at home are endless, and we are eager to elaborate on how God has blessed every moment of this trip. The party has just migrated to our room, so we have to get going. Talk to you tomorrow. Xoxo.

P.S. Happy Birthday to Colin’s sister, Anna! We love you!

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