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City Life is ON THE BLOCK! (Miami YFC)


If we want change to come to a City Life neighborhood, we know it’s not going come from outside; it must be within.  That’s why one of our cornerstone beliefs is that we not only lead kids to Jesus – we then teach them how to lead others to that same Love and Hope!

This summer, we’ve decided to be even more intentional with a small group of 8 high school KIX kids who have trusted Jesus.  Their summer shirts say, “Live here. Lead here,” and they wear them twice a week as we venture outside of the KIX building!

That’s right: this summer, we’re not inside in the A/C!  Instead, we’ve started KIX On the Block, a new summer program where we pack up the KIX van with balls, bubbles, sound system, hoola hoops, water, and snacks and head out into the streets!  We drive to the local park one day and to a housing project the next.  We have one message for the children we will meet: Jesus loves you.  We want each of them to have an encounter with the same Jesus this group of leaders met who changed their lives.

We were off to a great start today as our team took to the neighborhood park.  When we got back to KIX, I asked this group of high school leaders why they are spending their summer in the hot sun, working for little pay, and working in this new environment.  Falone, a senior this year, said, “I’m doing this because I want the kids and even their parents to know there are people out there who care.  I want people to have the chance to learn about Christ.  There a lot of people who don’t know! We make a good team!”

I’m so excited to see all that God will do this summer as this group of leaders develop important leadership skills that will have impact them and those around them for a life time.  I’m excited to see them develop relationships with new children, showing them and teaching them of God’s love!

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