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Chaya & David Sumanth India 2018 Trip Update

Dear Christ Journey Family,

As I write this you are busy preparing for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with all your loved ones. Have a blessed and meaningful Thanksgiving! David and I are overwhelmed with God’s faithfulness and mercy all through the year, and especially even more so during this trip. We are back in Hyderabad now and winding up all the details. God gave us extra assignments, which were not planned before, but every open door is an opportunity to bring glory to Jesus’ name.

Our health is good thanks to your prayers. After 3 1/2 weeks of knee pain I finally went and saw an orthopedic doctor and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. The pain is due to the stress of uneven roads and the many steps on wearing out cartilage. With some medication I’m already noticing improvement. Thank you Lord!!

Last night David had an accident as he bumped his ear against the table. Its badly bruised and painful but thank God no concussion or broken bones. His doctor niece and nephews are watching him closely and advising him what to do. Please pray for quick healing and no complications due to the trauma. Other than these two episodes we did fairly well with our health in spite of a tight schedule.

We went to a new tribal area this trip. God’s presence was so felt and all those who heard the message, delivered by David, were moved to tears and many cried out to the Lord and committed their lives to God. To God be the glory! We never know where the Holy Spirit manifests His presence and in whom, but the Lord knows who will choose Him!

We also visited Asha Orphanage and spent an evening with them and gave them each a Bible and pens, pencils and local cookies and candy. They joyfully put all their goodies and the Bible in the cloth bags that Buffy sowed for them. Prakash and Sandeep came from Guntur and drove us to Hyderabad. It took us almost 7 hours due to the bumpy roads.

Last Sunday was another new opportunity God opened up as we drove 70 KM each way to a nearby village to present the gospel. It was a small growing church that needs to be discipled and in need of help in growing their faith.

God opened up another door as David was addressing 280 Business School students. At some point during the program, one of the students asked who is David’s mentor. That was the door opened by God and so David gave his testimony and why he chose Jesus as his mentor. Most Indians believe in God and so he has to be specific which God he serves and His name is Jesus! The founder and chairman of this college is David’s former classmate from engineering school in the 1960’s. It has been 50 years of friendship between them. So it was a heartwarming moment for both of them during the program. It is our prayer that Dr. Reddy will come to know Christ someday, as he has heard the gospel from David many times. The seeds that we have been sowing may be taking root because for the first time instead of the usual Hindu or cultural songs one of the students was able to sing a Christian hymn. So God is at work! He uses this professional setting as the platform for David.

Over the years we have seen the power of God changing lives and have seen miracles happening instantaneously. More miracles are yet to come. But we continue to trust God for His timing. David is preparing for his message on Sunday as I write this. Please pray that God will use him to minister to a new group of people. Thank you so much for your prayers and letters and encouragement. We do all this for His glory! Please pray for our travel mercies. Enjoy the times God is giving you on this Thanksgiving Day. You are much in our thoughts and prayers.

Love and blessings,
Chaya & David Sumanth

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