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Brazil- school vacation bonding!

Hello everyone,

We’d like to share with you a Blog post written by our daughter Jessica and her husband, Nate, about the special children’s event that we had here at the AMO property on Monday. This is just the first day of a three day event specifically designed for the little kids that we minister to in the favelas. And, this is just a recap of what took place in only ONE of the four missionary homes on campus…..

“Yesterday was awesome!!! We had been praying for a long time on how we could bring a similar coming-to-our-home experience for the kids on a large scale. God is good and yesterday 41 kids came from our Gleba B church and were divided up into four of our missionary homes to spend the day together, pray and eat together, and have fun all together in large group and pool time!


Some of the highlights from our house with eight kiddos ages 4-7, and one of our teen helpers: we walked the agricultural gardens and they thought it was the coolest thing to pull up onions and beets and pick tomatoes.


We fed and pet chickens, read books together on the couch, played with toys in our living room, had breakfast and lunch all crammed in the kitchen at the table together, did arts and crafts and talked about the gospel and prayed together throughout the day and had a blast in the pool and eating ice cream with everyone together!


So special for the kids to get a glimpse into a home where a man is present and leading the family and to have special one on one time bonding with kids we see every week in class. We specifically asked that three of the littles be in our group so that they could get to know our house and have more time with us as their moms have asked us to bring them out to stay for a few days.


The day went wonderfully and the kids are dying to come back and spend more time! The next two Mondays we’re doing the same structure event for kids in São Paulo and Várzea/Jarinu. Pray that God opens doors in their hearts so they can come into His kingdom!”



Thank you for taking the time to read about what the Lord is doing in Brazil!

Please pray for the next two Monday’s as we will repeat the same event with kids from two other favelas!


Jodi & Pete

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