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Bahamas Student Mission Trip – Day 3

Today was even more than expected. We had amazing French toast and fruit. Once we got to the church, we painted the entire thing. During VBS, the kids learned that even on our crabby days we can still turn to God. Christine asked me to share the Bible story of “Jonah and the Whale” with the kids. Jonah was crabby and had to give his crabbiness to the Lord in order to be forgiven and to be spit out from the whale. After the lesson, the kids got to do sports or do a craft. Everyone had a great time today and everyone was smiling.
~ Michelle Poole
Today started off by painting the ENTIRE church. Everyone worked really hard and as a team, we were able to finish painting the entire church in one day! After painting the church we decided to take a little break and come back to the bungalows. After our quick beach break, we went back and had an incredible day at VBS. The kids are sooo cute and great! We are now ending the day with an incredible bonfire and s’mores!
~ Katie Gray

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Christ Journey welcomes:

Jim Burns

Guest Speaker Jim Burns, Best-Selling Marriage & Family Author, joins our Family Made series this weekend! Attend in-person or online.

This Sunday
June 11th - 9:30am & 11am