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A message from our hearts in Ecuador

Dear Christ Journey Family,

This year 2018, ends in 8. Eight means “New Beginnings”; but “18” in Hebrew means life. 2017 was a hard year for many of us, most of us or for all of us. However, there is always hope if we trust in our Abba Father.

We want to encourage you to believe! Make this year a different year, a year in which you will not only walk in faith, but a year in which you will BELIEVE INDEED! The Lord gave us so many promises, and we have to take them and make those ours. All promises are meant for His children since as our Father, he wants the best for us.

This year, we started fasting, a fast for 21 days! At the beginning, it looked as impossible, but we took the decision of doing it, of making a living sacrifice to feel the Lord’s presence in our lives, to be only hungry for God, to be more sensitive to His call, to hear His voice, to see Him, to offer our lives, to make the spirit living in us overcome the flesh. As a result, we can tell you that we don’t change this experience for anything, it was hard, but so rewarding!

We are ready to conquer, we are ready to receive God’s blessings, we are ready to be used by the Lord at 101%. We are ready to fight more than ever, we are ready to give more and more and to receive more and more. Our lives belong completely to the Lord!

Thank you for being our family. We are writing this message in order to spread the revival we are living!

Let’s make this year a different one – a year of new beginnings, a year of making the Lord the number 1!

Riches do not make us rich. The decisions we take will make us rich or poor. We are convinced that if we don’t sow or plant, we won’t harvest and we encourage you to be part of the sowing since God multiplies everything we sow for the Kingdom. According to what you sow or plant, you will receive.

We give our endless thanks to the Lord for all the people who have sowed and planted in Amor y Esperanza. Our goal and dream is to finish the new school building this year and we know we will see this dream becoming a reality with your help. We encourage you to plant in Amor y Esperanza, in this part of God’s Kingdom.   Everything you will plant, the Lord will multiply and you will see His blessings on your family, your work, your studies, your business, you will experience unlimited blessings and prosperity in everything.

God’s presence is everywhere and there are specific places where God has touched your life in powerful ways; we invite you to come, join us and let’s grow together in Christ!

God wants your faith to grow, He wants you to be totally for Him. God is not willing to have your 50%, He wants your whole being, He wants your 100%.

We encourage you to have those amazing, supernatural encounters with God, look for Him and you will find Him!

We bless your lives! May the Lord bless you exceedingly, abundantly and beyond what you think or ask,

With endless love and gratitude.

Your brother and sister in Christ,

Pancho and Pity
Amor y Esperanza
Quito, Ecuador

These photos are from last April when Christ Journey 11th and 12th grade students came to visit our school.

Christ-Journey-Church-IMG 5033 1 Christ-Journey-Church-IMG 5022 Christ-Journey-Church-IMG 5018 1 Christ-Journey-Church-IMG 5036 1 Christ-Journey-Church-IMG 5058 Christ-Journey-Church-IMG 4777 2 1 Christ-Journey-Church-IMG 4921 Christ-Journey-Church-IMG 4839


Christ Journey welcomes:

Jim Burns

Guest Speaker Jim Burns, Best-Selling Marriage & Family Author, joins our Family Made series this weekend! Attend in-person or online.

This Sunday
June 11th - 9:30am & 11am