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Brazil- March Update

So many things have happened since our last update ….

A really big blessing is that the girl for whom we requested prayer in our last update trusted in Jesus as her Lord! She came to our four day sleepover Camp and was impacted by what she learned during that time. She tearfully gave her life to Him! Now she is participating in classes with two others in preparation for Baptism.  She participates twice weekly in culinary classes in our ministry center in Favela Cachoerinha (photo below) This is a fun time where the young girls and women gather to learn new ideas and make yummy stuff to eat! At the same time we hold children’s classes and a Chronological Bible Study for teens/adults.



With sleepover camp, visiting mission teams, construction work, spontaneous lunches/dinners for those that we minister to, and our everyday ministry obligations our team is kept in constant motion! We are grateful for our full-time volunteers and missionaries, and for others who take of their personal time, who do such a wonderful job and are so dedicated in the work.


left: dinner in Gleba B, right: lunch at Jarinu church

left: pouring foundation for new water tower, right: a few happy campers at Camp 2017
left: Camp games, right: creative Camp costumes!!

And last, but certainly not least! Our oldest daughter, Jessica, is getting married! Next month she will be tying the knot with Nate who is one of our full-time missionaries in the work. We are very happy for the two of them and we covet your prayers for their wedding and future together!

Jessica and Nathan at their engagement party. *not shown: all the yummy churrasco (meat) that we ate!

We are extremely thankful for your prayers!!

Much love,

Pete and Jodi

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