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Year end blessings- Brazil

What a joyful Christmas Eve celebration of Jesus’s birth in the slums that are overridden by drugs, crime, prostitution, drunkenness, hunger and abandoned children and infants who die young.


God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit was the unseen God attending and providing a banquet in honor of His Son’s birthday through His servants who truly love Him.   What an exciting time we had going up the mountainside hut by hut delivering fresh, cold sweet watermelons on trays, announcing the celebration of our Saviors birth Jesus Christ!  Drug runners and drug users looked perplex but accepted the many slices of melon to quench their thirst on that hot day. As we reached the top of the mountain a woman said, “I’ve never had fresh, cool watermelon- already sliced- delivered to my hut!” Two little children, left alone by themselves in their hut, told Marcela while receiving their watermelon, tell the tios and tias (uncles and aunts-AMO’s volunteers) “we love them.”


Our ministry center filled up with children, parents, and some of our local drunks and drug users joined our banquet in honor of Jesus and His love. 700 skewers of meat, huge pots of rice and beans, enormous salad, 23 cut melons, 6 cakes and 24 sweet panettone breads. On-the-go meals were provided for those who came later as we began to wrap things up.

To all our partners THANK YOU for providing, not only for this very special celebration, but for allowing us to celebrate Jesus every day the entire year of 2016 in various cities.  These people so desperately need to hear from Jesus, they need to see Jesus in action, they need to touch Him and to be touched by Him. They need to feel and sense His presence and HIS divine love. They need to know how much He cares about their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. I believe our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit where Jesus and God the Father resides.

ALL Glory to God through your generous giving!

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Blessings, Pete & Jodi




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