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Pastor’s Poem

Right There 

If you could do what you want, Lord, with me
And I was open and willing, what would it be?
If my life were a true tool in your hand
How would you use me to make your stand?
Would I be a knife to slice through lies?
Speaking truth in love that melts alibis?
Would I be a shelter for others in need?
Offer covering and healing, even as I bleed?
Would I be a coach? Help others do their best?
Find their voice, unleash their potential,
Overcome every test?
Time is precious. 
Moments are few. 
Show me your ways, Lord,
So I know what to do.
Life is so brief. I’m numbering my days.
Help me, God, please, to see through the haze,
To be clay in your hand and serve your command,
Seek your face, your forgiveness, 
Your health for our land
Uncloud my vision. Put steel in my spine.
Put words in my mouth others know are not mine.
Put fire in my bones that burns bright through the night,
And will fight through the darkness, 
‘Til we see morning light
May your kingdom come and your will be done
On earth as in heaven, ‘til both are made one.
Lead on, King Eternal, you alone, Faithful and True
Your words are Life. There is no one like you.
My body’s your temple. Your Spirit my breath.
As you fill my life, O Lord, what is death?
I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?
For each time I die I rise in you, free.
Have your way, Lord. 
This is my prayer.
For wherever you are 
I want to be there.
Wherever you are, Lord, my Life is right there.
Christ Journey welcomes:

Jim Burns

Guest Speaker Jim Burns, Best-Selling Marriage & Family Author, joins our Family Made series this weekend! Attend in-person or online.

This Sunday
June 11th - 9:30am & 11am