Prayers needed for Brazil

Here in Brazil we are now on our tenth day of a truckers strike which has practically shutdown the whole country. Truckers nationwide are protesting fuel prices which have always been high but, in the past year, have skyrocketed to absurd figures.  To make matters even worse other groups have infiltrated the movement calling for a military intervention (or even overthrow) of the extremely corrupt government.


Brazil relies heavily on their truckers and, with the strike on it’s tenth day already, they have managed to bring practically everything to a standstill.

Due to NO gas being available in many areas schools, colleges, libraries, some businesses, etc have closed and public transportation (taxis, buses) cannot operate. Airports have limited fuel for their planes and some flights have been cancelled.


Supermarkets have limited supplies of food; propane gas tanks for cooking cannot be found (at least in our part of the state) and we don’t know when this will all get back to normal. When it does get back to normal the prices of food and gas will skyrocket which we’ve already seen happening.


As far as our ministry goes, we cannot go to the favelas until the truckers let our van pass. Up to now they have blocked us trying to get through and they get very anxious and sometimes violent if you don’t do what they want. We know that some of the poor families we minister to in the favelas are without gas tanks to cook with and some are running out of food.

We are doing fine, praise the Lord, but it bothers us to not be able to help those who need it the most. The children who we always have coming out to our place are anxious to get back here with us. Here they have hot meals and feel secure.

We are using our wood burning stove and oven to ration our gas tanks until they become available which, I believe, will be soon.

Please keep Brazil in your prayers.


Pete and Jodi

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