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Hope While Waiting


August is Back-To-School time for most kids, filled with new clothes, teachers, goals, and classes. However, for youth who are incarcerated, August serves up a reminder that they have forfeited the anticipation and normalcy of starting a new school year. Sadly, most of them have fallen behind in their education. For the youth population in detention awaiting sentencing, August is spent in a cell, awaiting a residential program bed miles from friends, family and loved ones. For the youth on probation, August is a reminder of what items needed to be accomplished on their court-order in order for life to return to normal.

For instance, take Anthony, a 17 year-old youth from the Homestead neighborhood of Miami-Dade county; Anthony is 17, but going into the 9thgrade. He is years behind his peers, and has a long way to go to finish high school. Anthony will most likely be court-ordered to obtain a GED; a judge will tell him that the road to a diploma, prom, and school sports is closed. Furthermore, Anthony’s future and likeliness of success “jail-free” will depend on how much he can focus and navigate the right path – a path with few clear markers set by others.

Miami Youth for Christ’s Juvenile Justice Ministry plays an integral role in helping youth like Anthony maintain hope, guidance and a positive attitude while attaining what might seem difficult or impossible. I ask that you pray in solidarity with us for 500 youth we walk alongside in Miami. Pray they discover the hope Jesus provides: hope for a fresh start, an abundant life, and total healing.

The Juvenile Justice Team
Ely, Glenn and Ronnie

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