5000 Empty Teacher’s Desks: Webinar with Trinity University

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Currently, some 5000 classroom teacher positions are vacant, plus an additional 4000 support staff positions that remain unfilled in our state of Florida. An estimated 450,000 Florida students began the school year last August without a certified teacher in their classroom. This is a crisis with serious implications for our children and the next generation.

TIU-Florida is calling Christian men and women to rise up to fill this gap as part of our love for God and our neighbors. Sunday school teachers, parents, and people in other professions can become educators who can make a difference in the lives of children in South Florida.

We want to remind the Church about God’s call to Jeremiah: “Seek the welfare of the city” (29:7). And when people were hungry to learn, Jesus taught them (Luke 6:17-19; Mark 4:1-2). His example motivates us to embrace the vocation of teaching. This is a key time to call God’s people to serve their young neighbors in the classroom.

Event Details
Webinar Hosted by TIU–Florida
Thursday evening, May 19, 7:00pm
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